Bike8 White Racing Air


• Ultra strong frame
• 3D forging+Integrated molding bike frame. Pipe type design with prism line, more strong in hardness.
• Low wind resistance, low center of gravity.
• Aerodynamic design of bike body lines, low wind resistance, low center of gravity distribution.
• Large diameter conical head tube
• Thicker diameter head tube, more stable steering operation.
• Born for modification
• Easy-to-install and disassembled component design with dedicated extended parts slots for easier retrofit.
• Pedal is lower and more forward. (strider petal is higher and the center of gravity of higher as well, does not fit for racing like ours)
• With angle pedal design, feet placement more comfortable, lower angle.
• Gravity center distribution forward.
• Adjusted body center of gravity distribution for more balanced inertia when the bike makes a turn.
• More reasonable degree for front fork.
• 64 degrees front fork tilt, better handling, while increasing 2CM wheelbase, making bend control more stable.
• Strong but simple
• The core parts are forged by 4D technology, the bike body is compact and yet with stronger frame, making sure the racing power does not wasted.
• More reasonable pedal design.
• 15 degrees integrated pedal design, lower pedal point for lower center of gravity when turning in a curve.


Weight : 3.2kg
Seat cushion : Sports seat cushion
Seat height : 29-37cm
Frame : 6061 full aluminum
Headset : steel ball headset
Wheel set : aluminum iron bearing wheel set
Gloves : bar tape/SOLELOCK patented
Tire : 12” Pneumatic tire
Handle bar : 25 aluminum handlebar
Bike Size : 84*49*8cm
Pack size : 85*50*13

Weight 3.5 kg


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