What So Special About bike8?

Let’s read more about about bike8. What are so special this bike?

Kids’ sport balance bike with fully optimized and new designed shock absorption system

The balance bike was originally created to train children how to ride a bicycle,without pedals,children can quickly improve body balance by kids come to find that riding the balance bike is as easy as walking which makes children confident and enjoying with bicycles,balance bikes have significant advantages in manipulability and ,kids’ balance bikes develop rapidly around the of wood and plastic, the original balance bike can hardly meet the requirements for children’s sports. Therefore, this new bike8 sport balance bike with fully optimized and shock absorbent system is created. The redesigned and integrated solid bike body, the high strength suspension rear fork as well as professional wheel sets allow children to not only slide on a flat road,but also easily slide over rocks,mud and roadsides,even the designer’s words, it is worth investing more in the important tools for children to explore the world.

Safety from head to the end

The steering-limited system with damping controls the steering of the system between 45 degrees to the left and the right to prevent sudden steering from hurting children. The patented internal locking system has a smooth surface and fewer protruding parts. The multi-layer crashworthy cushioning gloves protect children’s front and rear forks are all equipped with a patented anti-shedding CNC full closed hook claw,which is safe and the surface of all exposed nuts are smoothed without any sharp points.

Shock-absorbent integrated system

The integrated design of shock-absorbent rubber with limit switch and rear fork avoids looseness and shedding and enables effective shock absorption and more comfortable riding, which better protects children’s growing spine and brain.

Ultra-light wheel set with low roll resistance

Bike8 uses the fully sealed bearing wheel set with the smallest roll resistance since children are reduces the resistance of forward movement and prevents water, dust and gravel from entering the bearing. Together with ultra-light rims,children can feel comfortable while riding on any road.

SOLELOCK patented internal locking system

The patented internal locking system has a smooth surface and fewer protruding parts,which makes it easy to lock and system with a locking screw,so as to enable mothers to assemble the bike easily.

Sports seat cushion with dual-zone fabric

As children’s daily exercise equipment,a comfortable and durable seat cushion is very ergonomic seat cushion designed specifically for the balance bike can provide effective support and ensure comfortable experience during long term riding.

More reasonable pedal design

Bike8 Malaysia White
Bike8 Malaysia White

Unlike other balance bikes,the bike8 has a dedicated metal rubberized pedals with automotive technology are safe and wearable,and the pedal point is more reasonable, avoiding the problem of weak suspension due to the pedal point on the rear fork.

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